Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Levi got his hair cut the other day.  Even though Nathan has trimmed his hair at home using clippers (doing a good job, too, I might add), I wanted him to have a real haircut, so we went to Kidcuts in Puyallup.  We had to wait about 45 minutes for a hairdresser to finally take him, but that was fine because they had a ton of great toys for Levi to play with!  For the actual cut, he got to sit in a car that lit up and played songs.  He didn't really like it when she used clippers to clean up his "sideburns" and around his ears, but he did a good job during the 15-minute cut.

Doesn't his hair look clean and nice?  Usually the back is all crazy and fluffy.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Playing around

A week ago Levi realized that he could sit on the bottom step.  The same day he
discovered that each time he opens his cell phone toy, a different animal appears
in the "picture."  He was positively delighted to sit on the step and open and
close his phone all day long.

Another new discovery: potted plants.

I never should have dressed him in this new shirt.  It says "I love dirt."

This is one of my college roommates, Lori Schlunnegger, and her son Luke.  Lori and her husband got married on the same day as Nathan and I did.  Luke is their only child, and he is two months younger than Levi.  They were even thinking about naming him Levi!  It was great to have them visit from Sacramento over the weekend!

Fifteen Months

At Levi's 15-month appointment, he weighed in at 25 lbs 12 oz (65th percentile), he measured 32.5 inches tall (90th percentile), and his head was 47 cm around (50th percentile).  Dr. Pollard gave us a book that has a bear in it.  When I asked Levi what a bear says, he growled.  Later, when the doctor was leaving the room, we overheard him telling the nursing staff, "If you go in there, you're going to get growled at."  He also requested that Nathan and I try to get a video of Levi gargling (which he was doing for several minutes during our appointment) so that he could share it with his pediatrician friends as proof of a child gargling before the age of four.  :)
Oh, and Levi finally crawled on Sunday!  There was a piece of food on the floor at church, and that was all the motivation he needed.  Fifteen months old, and he can finally crawl!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Levi has some magnets that he plays with every day.  This time he decided to put them in a plastic bowl and shake them up and down.  Dropping them is fun, too!