Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Steps

Levi had a pretty big 24 hours.  Yesterday morning we had a great time playing peekaboo with Levi covering and uncovering his head by himself!  Usually I have to do all the work for this game.  We had lunch at my friend Julian's house, and we played with her 5-year-old daughter, Shiloh, and Garrett, a 6-month old that Julian watches during the day.  At one point, Levi squirmed around on his belly to try to get a toy!  He usually hates being on his belly, and he has never tried to get an object that's out of reach from this position.  In the evening, I put him down on all fours, and he moved one knee forward by himself!  That's the first time he hasn't done the "I'm paralyzed on all fours but then I'll fall down and cry" routine.  Bedtime is at 8:00, but at 7:55 Levi figured out how to use his walker unassisted!  He spent the last five minutes of the day gleefully walking in all crazy directions with his mother cheering him on.  Late this morning, Levi took a nap in my arms, having woken up extra early today.  (I don't often get to enjoy holding my sleeping baby boy!)  As he was drifting off, I heard him grinding his teeth. . . . You can only grind your teeth if you have upper and lower teeth.  He had sprouted his upper left front tooth!

He was cranky all day today, but I've decided to cut him some slack since he did so many new things yesterday.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Today Grandpa Bob came with us to Spooner Farms Pumpkin Patch.  The weather was cold and gray, and the place was packed, but we had a good time.  There were lots of things for Levi to look at.  In the end, we bought one pumpkin and came home to take a few more pictures.  We topped the evening off with a nice dinner and homemade apple pie.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Eight Months Old

Levi turned eight months old today.  He is becoming more and more interested in objects, especially items with buttons like the remote control and the telephone.  He still loves walking, and now he is able to stand up against the back of the couch or other furniture without any help.  Although he still demonstrates no interest in crawling, we are really working on the preparatory skills.  Eating is one of his favorite activities.  He has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, zucchini, green beans, carrots, apples, pears, prunes, cauliflower, avocado, banana, ground turkey, and cereal puffs (finger foods).  We had to lower the crib this week because he figured out how to pull himself from sitting to standing.  One silly thing that he does is he starts talking whenever he puts an object in his mouth.  It could be a ball, a stuffed toy, or his wrist, but he loves hearing how his voice changes when he covers his mouth.  Nathan and I have really been having fun with our quirky little guy!

New Cousin

Levi has a new cousin!  Paige Bradley Garrett was born yesterday morning, and she is beautifull!  Congratulations, Andrew and Mary Robert!

Fun times

A nice hug for Grannie

And now he's giving one of his special jawbone kisses.  They tickle.

"Can you see me?"

"Here I am!"

Mmmm!  Carrots!