Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kristin's Wedding

This weekend we went as a family to my dear friend Kristin's wedding in Latah, Washington, South of Spokane.  Above is a picture of Lori (Saylor) Schlunegger, me, Kristin (Olson) Vincent, and Crystal (Isaac) Sill.  We were housemates during our Senior year at Whitworth.  It was so great to see these ladies again!  I really wish we could have spent more time together, but it was still wonderful.
 We left home at 7:45 on Friday morning.  At 9:00 we stopped at Snoqualmie Pass . . . not by choice.  I-90 had been shut down for rock blasting from 8:00 to 10:00, and there was traffic backed up for miles.  Fortunately, we needed to stop and eat around that time, anyway, so it wasn't a waste of too much time.  We took a little walk through a neighborhood of new mountain chalets.
 After five(?) stops and eight hours, we arrived at Latah Country Bible Church for Kristin's wedding rehearsal.  The rehearsal was actually kind of humorous.  While Nathan was out changing Micah's diaper, I took Levi up to the front of the church to stand with me while I sang my songs.  He was very well behaved . . . until he absolutely needed to be.  I was holding him on my hip at the beginning of my first song, but I had to set him down because he wanted to play with the microphone.  Then he started walking towards the bride and groom to do I don't know what.  I grabbed his hand, and he threw himself on the floor.  Then he stood up and walked the other way; however, the candelabra was right there, so he thought he'd see what happened when he shook it.  I saved it from hitting the floor, and then he sat down and started whining.  The wedding coordinator had made it up to the front by that time and was trying to convince Levi to go with her.  Of course, Levi was going to do no such thing, but she did succeed in getting him to freeze in one place.  Mind you, this entire time I'm singing a song and frantically looking for Nathan.  Thank the Lord this didn't happen during the wedding!  I wouldn't want to end up on America's Funniest Home Videos.

After rehearsal we attended the rehearsal dinner at The Harvester in Spangle.  By the way, my first real teaching job was in the Liberty School District in Spangle, so it was fun to see familiar territory again.  Next we headed to our hotel in downtown Spokane.  Levi was absolutely thrilled to have his own queen-sized bed for the night.
 On Saturday morning we had a nice breakfast in the hotel and then went to Riverfront Park to play.  They have a giant Radio Flyer wagon that is a slide.  Levi loved it!
 And I love the garbage goat.  There is a big vacuum inside of him, and he will suck up trash.  How fun is that!?!
 When I sat down to feed Micah, Nathan and Levi played with bubbles.

 Lori had stayed with our other friend Lisa (Beal) Hoxley, and they met us at the park and joined us for lunch.

The wedding was lovely!
The reception was hosted by a church member with an absolutely gorgeous yard.

 When Kristin tossed her bouquet, her friend Horte from Mexico caught it.  Horte is in her forties and has never been married.  She is a sassy gal, so it was fun to see her catch the flowers.
Leon and Kristin Vincent cutting the cake.
We left the reception kind of early at 5:45 to head home.  With four stops, we made it home just before midnight.  The boys were much less happy this time, but we all survived.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Five Months Old

Micah is five months old, and he is so much fun!  He's smiley and really interested in other people.  He is getting much better at handling his toys.  Today he even managed to grab his own foot and stick it in his mouth.  As Nathan pointed out, this is just the beginning of many years of putting his foot in his mouth.

Check out those baby blues!

Precious!  Need I say more?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Random photos

Levi wanted Micah to play the trombone.  We're not sure about Micah's future
instrument inclinations.  He doesn't really seem like a low brass kind of a kid. . . .

I took ten pictures, and this was the best one of the four cousins.  It's so bad it's funny!