Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner at my parents' house with Grannie, Auntie Ann, Uncle Doug, Evan, and Olivia.  We had a great time!  The boys donned their Christmas PJs before heading home to bed.

On Christmas morning, the boys got to open their stockings.

 Micah wants to do whatever Levi is doing.

 We had a lovely service at church before coming home for a miniature lunch.  Then we headed to Bob's for "A Mediterranean Christmas Feast."  We had lamb, Greek fish and vegetables, spanakopita ... the works!  It was so fun to hang out with the family and open gifts!

Christmas Preparations

Decorating the tree

 Making gingerbread houses with the cousins

Graham cracker houses at home
 Note to self: this plan was genius!  I formed the houses and let them dry before the boys started decorating them.  Then I put the ingredients in an egg carton instead of 10 different little containers.  We didn't use candy; rather we used what was in the house: star-shaped cereal puffs, chocolate chips, raisins, craisins, walnuts, almonds, cheerios, goldfish crackers, marshmallows, coconut, and leftover candy canes.  That way I didn't have to feel so bad when the boys inevitably started eating the decorations.

Their finished products

Time for a Starbucks break!

Gorham-Hayden Music Night

December Wacky Wednesdays

Week 1: Watson's Greenhouse (to see the reindeer)
Week 2: Cemetery visit (in remembrance of Nathan's mother and grandmother)
Week 3: Bass Pro Shops (for photos with Santa)
Week 4: Wapato Park
Week 5: Painting at Grannie and Grandpa's house

Two year appointment

Micah had his two-year doctor's visit today.  It was miserable!  He hated every minute of it.  He wouldn't stand on the scale, so I had to stand on the scale, first holding him, then not.  He wouldn't stand up to have his height measured, so we had to hold him down on the table, draw lines above his head and below his feet, and use a tape measure.  He was beside himself that he had to wear a bandaid on his finger, and he managed to pull two of them off.  It took both adults to hold him down on the table for the exam.  ... No fun!

Anyway, his two-year stats are: 33 inches tall (20th percentile) and 28 pounds (50th percentile).  He's still little!

Two years old!

Here is our two-year-old boy!  Micah has been so much fun lately!  His personality is just blooming, and he is talking more and more everyday.  His current loves are playing with kitchen toys, hugging Mommy and Daddy, and performing surprisingly powerful wrestling moves on his big brother.  Micah is a physical kid.  He likes to dance, run, and make bodily contact.  We couldn't love him more!



Mr. Messy
One of the perks of "helping" Mommy cook is getting to lick the beater or spatula at the end.  Micah made a ridiculous mess with his beater.  Levi thought that was hilarious, so he decided to replicate the look and paint his face with chocolate cake batter, too.
Mr. Silly