Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tuesday Surprise - September

Week 1: Ferry ride to Seattle Aquarium
Week 2: Tacoma Mall Panera
Week 3: Nature walk at Clark's Creek Park
Week 4: Titlow Beach

Due to Levi's school schedule, our new free day is Tuesday.  So what was once "Wacky Wednesday" and then "Mystery Monday" has now become "Tuesday Surprise."  To celebrate our final Mystery Monday, we decided to go all out and indulge with an expensive field trip.  My mother came with us this day.  We drove to Bremerton, rode the ferry to Seattle, walked along the waterfront, visited the Seattle Aquarium, ate a picnic lunch in Waterfront Park near the ferris wheel, rode the ferry back, and strolled through Bremerton's Blackberry Festival before heading home.  It was a great trip!  Of course, the boys' favorite part was riding the ferry!
I don't know how to rotate these images.  Sorry!!!

For our first Tuesday Surprise, we tried to go to a park in Tacoma; however, it started raining just as we arrived.  Instead we ended up going to the Tacoma Mall and playing on the kids' rides (without actually paying for the rides).  Then we shared a cookie at Panera.

Although we've been to Clark's Creek Park before, we hiked a different trail this time.

Throwing rocks at Titlow Beach!