Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Tooth!

For over three months now, people have been asking if Levi is teething.  He drools A LOT and always chews on his hands, so it's understandable that people would think so.  However, since he has exhibited this behavior for so long with no sign of a tooth, we just decided "it's what he does."  But last night I felt something sharp in his gums, and this morning I could even see a little white protrusion.  Levi cut his first tooth!  It's his lower left front tooth.  My little guy is growing up!
Looking for that tooth.

There it is!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Meetings

Levi got to meet his Uncle Andrew, Aunt Mary Robert, and Cousin Claire last week.  We had such a good time visiting with them!  Here are some photos from all of the times we got together.
Levi and Uncle Andrew

Levi and Aunt Mary Robert

Getting along well with Cousin Claire

Getting a portrait of Levi, Claire, and Maddie proved to be a difficult task!

Hooray!  All three of them are sitting down and facing forward!

Claire is such a cutie!

Sitting with Grandpa and Great Grandma

Four generations of Garrett men

Great Grannie with her three little dears

Claire gave Maddie a nice hug

And she gave Levi a nice kiss

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hanging Out

Don't we look cool in our sunglasses?
Levi and Oliver still get along well.
Lately Levi has been sucking on his feet.  Here I caught him in the act!

Hanging out with Daddy
Taking a nap with Daddy

Man's best friend?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Five Months Old

Levi turned five months old today.  He currently enjoys standing, walking while holding Mommy's hands, grabbing things that may or may not be within his reach, playing the piano, watching Daddy dig holes in the yard, and generally wearing his parents out.  But isn't he cute?  The shirt he is wearing in this picture was the first baby gift we received after we announced our pregnancy.  It is from Huntington Beach, California, where his Grandpa Gorham was vacationing when he learned the news.
Speaking of Grandpa Gorham, he and Uncle Stephen watched Levi tonight while Nathan and I had dinner out in celebration of our fourth anniversary.  It was great!

He looks a bit chubbier than in his other monthly photos, doesn't he?  He's getting to be a big boy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day

This year, for the Fourth of July, we went to Nathan's Aunt Donna and Uncle Orv's house for an afternoon potluck, evening pizza, and a great view of the fireworks over Port Orchard and Bremerton.  There were tons of family members present, and the most common thing anyone said during the day was, "He's so cute!"  (They were talking about Levi, of course!)  He behaved really well during the whole long day, and he even enjoyed the fireworks.  Well . . . maybe he didn't enjoy them, but he noticed them and wasn't scared of the loud sounds.  What more could we ask?

Three generations of Gorham men

Yesterday, July 5th, I thought we would try playing in the "pool."  Since Levi can't sit up yet, I brought our infant bathtub outside and set it under an umbrella.  He hasn't been happy during his evening baths, so I was hoping that playing with toys in the tub outside would help him feel more comfortable.  He had a good time, but I think he enjoyed laying on the towel afterward even more.  He has always loved the wind, so apparently feeling the breeze while wearing wet swim trunks and a shirt was pretty great.  Seems awfully cold to me!
"Hey, could somebody hand me a beer?"

Playing with Grandpa
These photos were taken while Levi was lying down.  This blog "corrected" them while uploading, and I don't know how to rotate them.  Just turn your head to see how they are supposed to look.  :)