Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Levi's five-year check-up

Levi had his five-year check-up today.  He is 46.5 inches (97.5%), 44.4 pounds (74.1%).  He was talkative and brave during the appointment, but he had a few muffled tears during the immunizations.  My poor, big boy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Belated Christmas post

Colorful Advent chains.
At Grandpa Garrett's first-ever choir concert.

It's a tradition: play the instrument ornaments on GG's tree.
 GG enjoys it too!

 Gingerbread houses at Grandpa Gorham's.

Gorham-Hayden music night.

It's snowing!  But who needs coats?

Visiting Santa at Bass Pro Shop after lunch at Round Table Pizza.

Christmas Eve.
 Lately, after the kids get their teeth brushed, they go play on our bed with their dad.  Nathan blows up balloons, makes funny noises with them, and sends them flying all over the room.

Stockings on Christmas morning.

Opening gifts with the Gorhams.

Opening gifts with the Garretts on the afternoon of the 26th.

Turkey dinner at our place on the 27th.  Andrew is an accordion pro.

Tuesday surprise at the Northwest Model Railway exhibit.  We'll have to make this an annual tradition.
 Gotta love riding the light rail.

Play time at Odyssey 1.

The Cloves played First Night at the Pantages.
 Another ride on the light rail.

Tuesday Surprise - January

Week 1: Fun Center at the BNI with Dena, Rickey, and Audrey
Week 2: Seattle Monorail
Week 3: Surprise stomach flu = no trip
Week 4: Lunch at Ikea

Fun bus is right!

 Riding on the carousel

For our latest Seattle trip, we rode the monorail from Seattle Center to Westlake, ate lunch at the mall, rode the escalator and glass elevator, took the monorail back to the Center, had Starbuck hot chocolate, viewed the fountain, and played on the new playground.  Although the umbrellas weren't really necessary, they were awfully cute.
 They LOVED riding the monorail!


When we went to Ikea, I had intended for the boys to play in the child care area.  Much to our dismay, we found that the ball pit was closed and there was a 25 minutes wait time for accepting new kids in the play area.  With that and the fact that the boys didn't really want to go in there, they ended up shopping with Mother and me.  After we checked out, we treated ourselves to lunch at the bistro (sitting on a bench near the restroom).  It was still fun.