Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's Play with Water

On our way to the water

If you know Levi, you know he is saying, "Uh!"

He ran through the hose sprayer for a long time!

Getting dried off after the fun

My little helper

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sixteen months

Levi is sixteen months old now!  After a week of extra long naps and more lethargic behavior (growth spurt???), this week is completely different.  He is more curious, more high-spirited, more tempermental, and generally more dramatic than ever before.  He's been keeping me on my toes!
It is always interesting being around other toddlers--at the play area in the mall, at Kids Club at the gym, at the library, in the church nursery.  Levi is so much bigger than many of his peers, and any children who are his size have way more physical and verbal skills than he does.  At least he has a few opportunities to learn from other children!

Yesterday Levi became my new kitchen helper.  I actually let him touch real ingredients!  Here he is stirring the dredge mix I was preparing for pork chops.  For awhile I thought I could actually use this particular flour mixture, but I changed my mind when Levi picked up little bits of things from the floor and plunged his hands into the bowl.  (Yuck.)  Oh well!  He had a blast!  It was so much fun that today I let him help me make coleslaw.  He did such a good job stirring the dressing--and not adding extra dirt or fuzz--that I didn't have to remake it.  This could be fun for both of us!