Thursday, August 13, 2015

July Mystery Mondays

Week 1: Remlinger Farms
Week 2: Breakfast at Happy Donuts
Week 3: Sundaes at Dairy Queen on the way home from the zoo
Week 4: Lincoln Park

 Remlinger Farms was SO MUCH FUN!  It's like a miniature fair, and it's perfect for kids ages 2-8!  We will definitely be making the drive up to Carnation again!  Our boys have always been a little scared of rides, but this time they totally jumped on board.  Micah was in charge of raising and lowering this little corn "airplane."
 Levi was excited about the little train, but I think it went a little too fast for him.
 He loved the canoe ride so much, he went around twice!
 On the "big train," a working steam engine that took us for a 20-minute ride around the park.
 This was one of those car rides that takes you around a bunch of curves in a Model T style car.
Another fun ride we tried was like the teacups at Disneyland.  I was really surprised the boys wanted to go on it, but even though we got turning really fast, they still wanted to go a second time.  Oh, and one of my personal favorite things about Remlinger Farms was the livestock.  There was a sheep there that sounded like a human.  It was like a human shouting "BAA!"  So funny!

Up close and personal with the puffins at Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Playing with some Russian-speaking kids at Lincoln Park in Tacoma.