Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fun Times

Yesterday we had lots of fun!  In the morning we went to Vivienne Van Soest's second birthday party.  Levi really enjoyed playing with her and her toys.  After his super short nap, my mother took us to the Puyallup Spring Fair where we got to see all sorts of farm animals.  Levi loved watching the people and seeing all the action around the fair.
Levi with Carmen.  Bass is there, too.

The bubble machine was so much fun!

Stroller rodeo at the Spring Fair?

Levi got these bug antennae at the Fair yesterday, but today
he kept putting them on.  I guess he likes them!

 Levi is a cuddly guy; he gives hugs all the time.  I tried connecting his monkey's arms around his neck, and he thought it was great!  He got a permanent hug from his monkey!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a delightful Easter celebration today.  Although Levi has a yucky, drippy cold, he still had a good time.  Down at Grannie's house, we had our annual Easter egg hunt.  Levi found four or five eggs, and he put all of them in his bag by himself.  Madison helped him a few times as well.  The two of them are getting along so well!  I can tell Maddie really likes to make others happy.

Levi's Easter basket from Grannie and Grandpa

Fourteen Months

Levi is fourteen months old now, so I took a few photos just for fun.  Here is one of his goofy grins.  For the last several weeks, he has been enthralled with belly buttons.  He always checks to make sure he can still find his.

 Levi loves things with buttons like phones and remote controls.  He even has his own toy cell phone, although he doesn't really pretend to talk on the phone.  But the other day, as he was playing with this little remote, he put it up to ear and started "talking."  It was so cute to see him walking around and talking on his little phone just like his mother!

Chilling with Daddy

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Interests

This past week, Levi has been very interested in the pantry.  He always finds some wonderful thing to chew on or shake.  Here he looks like he's taking inventory and deciding what to sample next.

 My dear friend Kristin Olson came for a brief visit his weekend.  We went to the hospital to visit our friend Julian after she had her 11 pound, 5 ounce (!!!) daughter.  The weather was finally nice, so Levi donned his super cool sunglasses.