Monday, February 14, 2011

Doctor's Visit #2

We went back to Dr. Pollard's office today for blood work.  This time Levi weighed 7 pounds, 14 3/4 ounces--a nearly 8 ounce weight gain in three days--and his height was measured at 21 inches.  (Maybe sometimes he stretches out more than others?)  It was a good visit, but he was extremely unhappy about the trip home again.  Poor screaming baby!

We've had a lot of visitors lately.  Grannie and Grandpa Garrett, Auntie Jill, and my Grannie (Margaret) stopped in on Saturday.  Grannie (Beth) kept us company while Nathan was at church.  Carmen, Bass, and Vivienne met Levi after church, and Grandpa Gorham and Uncle Stephen joined us for dinner.  Today Aunt Stephanie and Cousins Ethan and Garret came for a couple of hours as well.  Our front door has never seen so much use!  It's great!


  1. Way to go Levi and Jennifer! 8 ounces in 3 days? He's getting super-fuel now!

  2. We will have to figure out an evening when John, Maddie and I can bring you guys dinner. Let me know what works!