Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy weekend

Levi had a lot to do this past weekend.  On Saturday the wonderful ladies at ERC (Evangelical Reformed Church) gave us a baby shower.  Levi wasn't in a very good mood, and he had to stop and nurse half-way through the party.  Fortunately the women were all very patient.  Nobody seemed to mind that there was a screaming baby!

On Sunday Levi went to church for the first time, and he was very well-behaved!  He was alert and listening during choir practice, he ate during Sunday School, he slept through the whole service, and he continued to sleep during our after-church choir rehearsal.  Of course, as soon as we got in the car, he started yelling, but most people at church think he is a delightful little baby!

That afternoon we hosted our childbirth class' reunion.  Although there were four couples in the class, only one other couple and the nurse who taught the class came for our potluck lunch.  The other couple's daughter, Madison, is about ten weeks old.  We put the two babies next to each other on the couch for pictures, but before we had a chance to get out our camera, Madison had rolled onto Levi and squished him.  He started crying, so the photo session was quickly ended.  It was a pretty funny sight, though.  I'm sorry I couldn't post a picture for you!

Levi is starting to do a few more things.  For about five days now, when we give him a really big smile, he actually smiles back.  It is so adorable!!!  The other day I started putting him in his bouncy chair in the music room; he listens while I play the piano and sing.  (Well, he listens to about three songs before he's had enough.)  I also always sing to him while he is nursing, and yesterday he started vocalizing along with me.  It is really fun!


  1. How fun it is to hear about Levi and the changes he is going through. I especially loved your last comment about singing to him and his vocalization.
    Love Auntie Jill

  2. WOW! Seems like a busy and fun last few days. It is always so amazing and such a blast to watch them grow everyday.

  3. He is destined to sing! Check out this YouTube video of a 3-month-old singing--let's see if Levi has better pitch!

    Auntie Ann