Thursday, July 7, 2011

Five Months Old

Levi turned five months old today.  He currently enjoys standing, walking while holding Mommy's hands, grabbing things that may or may not be within his reach, playing the piano, watching Daddy dig holes in the yard, and generally wearing his parents out.  But isn't he cute?  The shirt he is wearing in this picture was the first baby gift we received after we announced our pregnancy.  It is from Huntington Beach, California, where his Grandpa Gorham was vacationing when he learned the news.
Speaking of Grandpa Gorham, he and Uncle Stephen watched Levi tonight while Nathan and I had dinner out in celebration of our fourth anniversary.  It was great!

He looks a bit chubbier than in his other monthly photos, doesn't he?  He's getting to be a big boy!


  1. Hard to believe Levi's 5 months already. Lots of firsts ahead.

  2. He looks like such a happy little guy in this photo! And all ready to hit the surf (well, with a swimsuit).

  3. I can't believe how old he is already. I want to walk around with him. Let's get together soon! Love you!