Sunday, August 28, 2011

Swimming in a Real Pool

. . . Well, it's a baby bumblebee pool, so it's not exactly a real pool, but it beats his infant bathtub!

Back in June, when we had our first sunny, warm day, I bought Levi his swim trunks and a swim shirt.  I called Nathan and asked him to pick up a baby pool on his way home.  We were all ready to play in a wading pool!  The only problem was Levi couldn't sit up!  (Four months old is not the best time to teach someone how to float on his back.)  He is now a very reliable sitter, so we finally got to break out the bumblebee.


  1. How cool! Next summer when we visit all of the cousins can go crazy in it! How much fun!

  2. The pool is soooo cute! I love it!