Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Birthday Party

 We had Levi's birthday party yesterday.  Wow!  What a big day!  Levi had a lot of fun, and Nathan and I are so happy that Levi's dear friends and family came to help us celebrate!  Our theme was blue and brown circles and stripes.  Aside from the decorations, the food matched the theme, too: round chicken patties, round chips with salsa, grapes and blueberries, carrot and celery sticks, pretzel rods, blue jello circles. . . .  (I know.  I'm a big dork!)  Levi LOVED his cake!  After shoveling handfuls of it into his mouth, he very meticulously picked up every little crumb that was left on his tray.  Thank you all SO MUCH for your love and support over this past wonderful year!

So many gifts!  Here are Grandpa, Grannie, Kevin, and Auntie Jill.

At the table are Great Grannie, Great Grandpa, Marcus, Great
Grandma.  Behind them are John, Carmen, Madison, and Amy.

Chuck and Marie Hayden joined us as well. 
Not pictured are: Aunt Stephanie,  Uncle Stephen, Bass, and Vivienne
Happy birthday to you!

Three generations: Daddy, Levi, and Grandpa Gorham


  1. Happy Birthday, big boy! We wish we could be there! Sending lots of love your way and a birthday gift, but a late one.

    Mary Robert

  2. Grannie told me how "elegant" all the party fixings were. It looks like a wonderful first birthday gathering with great memories in the making! Way to go Levi! Beautiful cakes, Jennifer. You need to go on one of those cake shows! Happy, happy birthday to all three of you!
    Auntie Ann