Sunday, May 27, 2012


Levi got his hair cut the other day.  Even though Nathan has trimmed his hair at home using clippers (doing a good job, too, I might add), I wanted him to have a real haircut, so we went to Kidcuts in Puyallup.  We had to wait about 45 minutes for a hairdresser to finally take him, but that was fine because they had a ton of great toys for Levi to play with!  For the actual cut, he got to sit in a car that lit up and played songs.  He didn't really like it when she used clippers to clean up his "sideburns" and around his ears, but he did a good job during the 15-minute cut.

Doesn't his hair look clean and nice?  Usually the back is all crazy and fluffy.


  1. Such a big boy now! Love, Grannie

  2. All these firsts are so much fun. Way to go Levi.

  3. He looks so much older! What a good boy to sit patiently. I can't wait to see him!