Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

We went to Nathan's Aunt Donna's house in Port Orchard for the holiday.  The weather was absolutely beautiful (finally!!!).  There were about 25 family members there, including four boys between the ages of seven and nine.  Levi found those boys fascinating.  Part-way through the afternoon, several of us took three dogs out for a little walk, and Levi loved being with the dogs.  One of the traditions at Donna and Orv's house is to have a water balloon game.  We all stand on the deck and try to hit a target on the driveway with our balloons.  Inevitably, though, some guys hiding below the deck suddenly appear and start pelting everyone on the deck.  It turns into an all-out war.  Levi and I actually kept out of the way this year . . . maybe he can play next year.  (On a side-note, the first year I went to the Gorham-Ransom 4th of July party, I was shocked to find Nathan's 91-year-old grandmother throwing water balloons and having them thrown at her!  Everyone gets wet in this game!)  The three of us stayed until just after 7:00.  Then we went to hang out with my dad and watch the fireworks over the valley.  Levi went to bed at 10:45.  Yikes!

Levi saw the bigger boys playing soccer, so once they took a break, he took the field.

The next David Beckham?

Whew!  Playing soccer is really tiring!

West Highland terriers, Molly and Angus.

Bubble war!

Playing video games with the big boys.

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