Thursday, August 2, 2012

More family time

Today was photo day for the kids.  As usual, it was awfully interesting getting everyone to look towards the camera, so we were lucky to get some smiles.

Grannie and Grandpa with Levi, Paige, and Claire

Maddie wanted to share in the limelight, but Amy wasn't so sure.

The cousins are getting so big!

Paige started crawling just yesterday, and here she crawled into the tent to join Claire.

Andrew and his daughters

Mary Robert and Maddie

Chillin on the Sit 'n' Spin with a cold drink

Giddyup, Grandpa!
 On Monday morning we all went to Amy and John's house to play with Maddie's toys.

On Tuesday, Grannie met Levi and me at the park for lunch and a public concert.

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