Saturday, July 13, 2013

Six Months Old

Baby Micah is now a big six-month-old!  He has been growing by leaps and bounds lately.  He can sit up all on his own, he works really hard to grab and chew his toys, he has started eating rice cereal, and he talks so much!  His sounds are funny, too.  It seems like he is constantly experimenting with new ways to make sound.  His favorite as of late is a loud, high-pitched, prolonged squeal.  I'm glad he's happy, but sometimes it's a bit much.  He is also very interested in other people and always smiles when people talk to him.

At our routine doctor's visit yesterday, Micah measured 27 inches tall (about 65th percentile), 17 pounds 3 ounces (about 45th percentile), and a head circumference of 42.5 centimeters (about 20th percentile).  He seems like he is getting bigger every day.  Last night he was playing in his exersaucer, and I looked over and one of his knees was touching the bottom.  Guess it's time to raise the apparatus a notch!

We just love our happy little boy!

First time sitting in the grass--and the first time I felt I could walk away from him
when he was sitting up.  He lasted several minutes and never tipped over.

First time in an outdoor "pool."  Unfortunately, this tub we were given
doesn't really hold water.  Oh well!  The boys had fun anyway!

"You're going to feed me WHAT?"

"Rice cereal!  I've been waiting for months to eat some solid food!  Gimme that spoon!"

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  1. So beautiful! Can't wait to see him again soon...