Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oh My!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  Levi wanted to put on his lion costume.  The legs are a bit short (!!!), but he can still get it on.  I thought it would be cute to try Levi's first Halloween costume, a tiger, on Micah.  Since it is a size 6-9 months, it fit him perfectly.  This is the best picture I could nab of the two of them dressed up as big cats.

 Levi is always very . . . interested (read: "jealous") . . . in Micah's activities.  He insisted on wearing the tiger costume.  I was sure that he wouldn't even be able to get the pants above his ankles or mthe sleeves over his wrists.  However, to my surprise, he could kind of squeeze into the costume.  So goofy!
A little piece of news: Micah finally cut his first tooth yesterday.  He's a week from turning seven months old.  Lucky you, big boy!

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