Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brothers at Play

We took our time getting dressed this morning.  Levi loves watching Micah get his diaper changed.  In this photo, Levi is screaming at the top of his lungs, but I like the shape of his vowel.
Then I thought Levi would like to play with his new fireman costume. . . . maybe not!  Fortunately, he's got a few weeks until Halloween so he can warm up to the idea of wearing it.
 Check out those front teeth!  Micah has five teeth, and a sixth is just waiting to cut through the gums.
After naptime we went for a walk.  Levi wanted to run with the jogging stroller (like Mommy), and I allowed him to push Micah (with close supervision).  Levi decided that we should go to the neighborhood playground.  There's not much to do there, but he had a great time on the tire swing.
By the way, this is Micah's second day in a row of having a nap over an hour long!  Levi didn't take one, but I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be one of the four times per month when he actually sleeps during his 90-minute "quiet time" in his room.  Oh, but Micah's nap overlapped entirely with Levi's quiet time!  It was awesome to have all that time to myself!

 Micah is so good at standing!  He stood like this for several minutes without so much as a wobble.


  1. Love the pictures and the commentaries about the boys. Levi looks quite the stud fireman. Wonder why he didn't want to have his costume on. Naps can be quite challenging can't they. Amy is definitely finding this with Madison who used to love to sleep. Not so much now apparently. At least you got a bit of quiet time. You'll take what you can get right?
    Micah sure has alot of teeth already. Love to you all. Auntie Jill

  2. I love how proud Micah looks while standing on his own. Enjoy this time--soon he will be off and running and you'll be chasing boys in two directions!