Friday, July 11, 2014

Eighteen Months Old

Micah is eighteen months old today!  I'm not sure how time could have gone by that quickly!  Micah has been so much fun lately.  He recently started running, and it is adorable!  He also loves playing in the water (with the garden sprayer).  He has started approximating a lot of words: ball, giraffe, sock, blue, book, thank you.  And he has absolutely nailed "daddy."  His personality is really starting to shine through.  He's smart, and he knows where things go and what should happen next, but he's also pretty dramatic.  Any offence or difficulty yields the same level of tears and unhappiness, so it's hard to tell how serious his problems really are.  Although he has always enjoyed cars and trains, his latest love is books.  We just love our little man!



  1. Sure is looking like a little man with shades of Levi. Hoping we will see you all sometime soon. Love to all Auntie Jill

  2. Happy Half-Birthday Micah!