Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Patch #1

Took the boys to Scholz Farm and Pumpkin Palace this year.  What a great time we had!  We got lucky with the weather, and the animals were lots of fun.  Levi surprised me by walking clear to the far end of the pumpkin field, but Micah kept up with his brother the whole time.

I'm not sure what they were pointing at, but my favorite part of this picture is actually the four-story "Old Goat Hotel" on the left.  It's a special platform in the goat's pen!  Ha!  I'm disappointed the goat wasn't climbing on it while we were there.

His name is Newt.

Entering the corn maze.  It was nice and easy, and the boys could have wandered around in here for an hour.

Gingerbread Levi.

Favorite part of the pumpkin patch?  The plastic kitchen set.  Who knew?

Must copy big brother.

Looking at the cute little pig.  (I wasn't able to lure Levi away from the kitchen so easily.)


Don't thesed donkeys have the sweetest faces?

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