Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two years old!

Here is our two-year-old boy!  Micah has been so much fun lately!  His personality is just blooming, and he is talking more and more everyday.  His current loves are playing with kitchen toys, hugging Mommy and Daddy, and performing surprisingly powerful wrestling moves on his big brother.  Micah is a physical kid.  He likes to dance, run, and make bodily contact.  We couldn't love him more!



Mr. Messy
One of the perks of "helping" Mommy cook is getting to lick the beater or spatula at the end.  Micah made a ridiculous mess with his beater.  Levi thought that was hilarious, so he decided to replicate the look and paint his face with chocolate cake batter, too.
Mr. Silly

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