Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tuesday Surprise - March

Week 1: Riding light rail, walking through UW Tacoma campus, lunch at The Rock Pizza
Week 2: Wiggle Works playdate with Hannah, James, and Sam
Week 3: Breakfast at Auntie B's, Puyallup
Week 4: Lunch at Mongolian Grill with Auntie Jill, Auntie Ann, and Avery
Week 5: Perkins Park, Steilacoom

We narrowly avoided the rain showers walking up and down the hill through UWT.

Wiggle Works fun.  Levi didn't want to take off his shoes, but Micah had a great time with his friends.

After breakfast at Auntie B's, we stopped at Pioneer Park to play.

A gorgeous day on the Sound.  We played at Perkins Park, walked around the Steilacoom ferry dock, and came back up the hill--I carried Micah the whole way!--and played at the park some more.

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