Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Levi's Six-Year Appointment

Today was Levi's turn to visit the pediatrician.  He was NOT looking forward to the blood pressure cuff, vaccinations, and removing his clothing.  I was afraid we were going to have a tantrum.  But he survived the blood pressure by watching the numbers on the monitor change.  He survived taking off his clothes by willingly putting on the paper gown. (!) Apparently he liked the school buses on it.  And he didn't actually have any shots today.  Instead of showing fear and anger, Levi decided to talk the entire time.  He was downright happy.  I guess he remembered that his doctor pays attention to him and enjoys hearing what he has to say.  The visit turned out MUCH better than I was expecting.

Here are Levi's stats: He is 50 inches tall (98th percentile) and 50 pounds (75th percentile).  Dr. Pollard told Levi he is the size of the average 9-year-old.  According to my research, it's only average height for an 8-year-old, but he's pretty tall.

He LOVES school!  Today he presented his Science Fair project, and I'm so proud of him for going through with the while thing.  We were invited to a birthday party for a school friend for the first time.  He is becoming more imaginative, more flexible, and more self-controlled.  We love our Levi!

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