Thursday, May 19, 2011


Levi is turning out to be a pretty fun kid.  He loves to interact with us; he's always smiling and talking.  Lately he's been drooling a lot, so his conversation is very . . . bubbly.  He is getting really good at standing up (with a little support), and he can sit in the middle of his exer-saucer and actually enjoy himself.  He needs us less and less.  Yesterday he was laying on the floor in front of a mirror, sucking on his hands, and talking to himself for a good fifteen minutes.  He is also starting to get a little naughty.  Usually he is a very focused eater; nothing can distract him from this all-important task.  However, during the last feeding of the evening, just before bedtime, he stops and smiles at me about 20 times.  This little rascal is already employing his cuteness to try to get out of going to bed!


  1. Sounds as though he is developing right on schedule. How can you say that gummy little smile is "naughty"? I'm sure it melts your heart!
    Auntie Ann

  2. I loved those moments where Maddie couldn't help but be distracted from feeding to look up and smile at me! Hehehe. We need to get together soon for a stroll in the park!

  3. Sounds like he really developing his Levi personality now. So much fun when they are so responsive to themselves,the world around them and of course their Mommy and Daddy.