Monday, May 23, 2011

Play time

Levi is starting to demonstrate much more interest in his toys.  On Saturday I noticed him using his fingers purposefully (instead of just batting at things with his hands).  He even petted my face!  It was so sweet!  He's growing up every day.  We're having to retire most of his three-month clothes.  It's sad for me, but at least he has some great six-month outfits.

Playing in his farm-themed exersaucer for the first time.

This is fun!

Whoa.  That cow is fascinating!

Sitting with Grannie at Nathan's 43rd birthday party.  When Levi is on the
brink of a meltdown, we give him this Baby Einstein toy that plays classical
music and has multi-colored blinking lights.  That usually buys us
another ten minutes of peace.

Tummy time in his activity gym.

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  1. He's right on schedule for discovering his hands, and aren't they fascinating tools? I notice that he's sporting a bib in all of these photos--is he trying for a new fashion statement?
    Auntie Ann