Thursday, June 23, 2011


Earlier this week we had our front walk replaced and part of the back deck changed.  The walkway looks amazing!  I had to laugh at all the noise it created, though.  The giant jack hammer was going all through Levi's normal naptime, and the cement truck was here at the same time yesterday.  Needless to say, Levi and I got to take a few unexpected trips away from the noise.

He has been really cute lately--back to his smiley self!  It's been a nice change.  This morning I leaned over him with my hair touching his face.  He just smiled at me and gently touched my hair.  What a sweetheart!  On the way home from the mall this afternoon, he fell asleep in the car; however, he actually laughed out loud in his sleep!  So cute!

Here are a couple of shots from the archives.
First time meeting Uncle Steve, February 9th, 2 days old.

March 20th, 6 weeks old

My personal favorite!  March 30th, 7 weeks old.

April 22nd, 10 weeks old

Nathan's aunt, Donna.  May 9th, 3 months old.

Nathan's uncle, Orv.  We had met for lunch before visiting Mary and
Grandma Velma's graves the day after Mother's Day.


  1. LOL. I absolutely LOVE the picture of him in the bumbo chair.

  2. That's my favorite too--that will be a "keeper" to bring out when you want to embarrass him as a teenager.
    Auntie Ann