Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching Up

I had a little trouble with the blog, and then the holidays happened.  So I'm just getting around to posting more pictures now.  Let's start with Levi's 22-month milestone picture, taken on December 7th.
Some fun in the snow!
Levi enjoyed making the gingerbread house . . . until he discovered that the pieces taste good.
Then he stopped working and started eating!  I don't know how many graham crackers, gum drops, and jelly beans he ate while I was hurrying to finish the house and put everything away!
We went to Watson's Nursery to see the live reindeer, and Levi decided to pose for a photo.
Wandering through the forest to cut down our Christmas tree
Discovering his stocking on Christmas morning
The three of us on Christmas Day at Bob's house
 Levi and Maddie were both wearing reindeer pajamas, so we had to pose for a picture at Grannie's on Christmas night.
 It's hard to see, but Levi is blowing into a Christmas ornament shaped like a French horn.  We had a similar ornament on our tree, and he "played" it for hours everyday!
 On December 26th, Andrew, Mary Robert, Claire, and Paige arrived for their week-long visit.  Here's Paige at 14 months.
 I gave Claire this dress, and she insisted on wearing it immediately.
 Levi got this new knitted hat.  He didn't seem to mind having it covering his eyes.  He actually left it like this and wandered around the room for several minutes.  Goofy boy!
 The cousin line-up: Maddie, Claire, Levi, Paige
 The mommy line-up: me, Mary Robert, Amy
 The daddy/uncle line-up: John, Kevin, Nathan, Andrew
The annual Hayden-Gorham music night was the 29th.  Everyone enjoyed getting out their old band instruments and playing Christmas carols.  Here is Bob on baritone, Nathan on French horn, Steve and Dan on trumpet.
 Chuck on piano, Brian on trombone, Jackie, Stephanie, and Levi on vocals.
 Tiffany, Becky, Abby, and Phil on clarinet
 Playing with Paige
 Andrew and his girls
 How sweet of Claire to help Levi up the stairs!  They had just finished a marathon session of running around the house.

These were great holidays!  I can hardly wait until next year!


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  1. Seems as though Levi's instrument of choice is the French Horn--like his dad!