Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Months Old

Micah is three months old today.  He is such a sweet boy!  His smiles are absolutely darling, and when he shrugs his shoulders and covers his smile with his hands, my heart just melts!  He's an awfully big boy, too.  I'm starting to have trouble holding him with one arm because he is so long.  Lately he has been working hard to roll onto one side.  Levi has been getting a kick out of trying to make Micah laugh.  He and I will stick out our tongues and make funny sounds.  When Micah giggles, Levi laughs, and I can't help but thank God for this wonderful family!  I am so blessed to get to spend every day with these two boys!
At breakfast this morning, Micah was so happy and smiley!  Unfortunately, I missed my chance to take pictures of him in his best mood of the day.  When I started our photo shoot, he was starting to get sleepy.  (Can you tell he was kind of zoned out in the picture above?  Still pretty cute, though, right?)

Levi saw us taking pictures, and he wanted a piece of the action.  It was actually his idea to sit next to his brother in the rocking chair.  (Levi got a hair cut later today, thank goodness.)


  1. I love the expressions on Micah's face! How adorable. This past weekend we transitioned Paige to a booster and Claire said, "Now when Micah comes he can sit in the high chair." So cute!

  2. Two adorable boys sitting in a chair! I bet that chair will be the site of many more photos...