Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nothing Much

Levi sits in his reading chair and peruses--not the newspaper--his 1998 Sesame Street calendar

Love the bike helmet!  Let's try riding the bike sometime!

At Bob's surprise 70th birthday party, Levi spent a lot of time with Marie discussing her string of white beads and the red beads he got out of the pinata.  It was so sweet!  Oh, and, doesn't every 70-year-old need a pinata at his birthday party?!?!

Auntie Ann was visiting again.  So fun!

Levi loves GG's new place!  Every time we go to visit, he pushes the buttons to open the front door and elevator, he examines the fish in the aquarium, he points out the machines in the common laundry room, and he plays with all of GG's toys.  Here the two of them are playing with tiny Noah's Ark animals.
Today I took the boys to DeCoursey park.  We walked around the duck pond, Levi on foot and Micah in the Bjorn, then Levi played at the playground.  Later in the afternoon, the boys helped me make a cherry pie.  (Again, Levi was on foot, and Micah was in the Bjorn.)  I was proud of Levi for only eating one sugar-coated cherry and just the leftover scraps of pastry.  This was probably the most successful cooking project we've ever done together.  Well . . . the process was good, and the clean-up was easy.  The actual final product was pretty bad!  I've never made a cherry pie--or even, I think, a double-crust pie--and the filling came out ridicously soupy.  Oh well!  Live and learn!


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