Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Festivities

On December 27th we opened gifts with my parents, Andrew, Mary Robert, Claire, and Paige.  Nathan had to work, but the rest of us had a great time.
Paige opening her stocking

Micah got some jingle bells

Levi's talking toddler clock
 In the evening we went over to Bob's house for the annual Gorham-Hayden music night.  Unfortunately most of the Haydens were sick, so we had a small but enthusiastic crowd.
Nathan on French horn, Stephen on tuba, my dad on trombone

Levi on bugle and Ethan on recorder

Stephanie on flute, Marie on vocals, and Bob on baritone
 On Saturday the 28th, we had the Easterbrooks clan over at my parents' house.  We opened British crackers and wore the paper crowns that were inside.

Claire, Maddie, and Levi

Maddie, Claire, and Paige

Paige sat down and quietly read Levi's new Thomas book.

Cousin photo!  From left: Great Grannie, Claire, Paige, Avery, Maddie, Levi, Micah

Yankee Swap!  From left: John, Randy, Mary Robert, Kevin, Paige, Claire

Grannie and Grandpa with their four grandchildren.  (We parents have matching scarves, too.)
 This year's theme for our family stocking gifts was "wearable."  I decided to get everyone an animal mask craft kit.  However, since the masks didn't arrive before Christmas, I had to come up with a plan B, and I made the fleece scarves for everyone.  But when the masks finally arrived, we made them anyway.  My grandmother came up for dinner on Sunday, so she got in on the fun, too.
Giraffe, Great Grandma Ruth

Zebra, Mary Robert

Lion, Grandpa

Monkey riding a car, Paige

Zebra, Claire
Elephant, Andrew

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