Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Birthday!

Micah is one!  It's hard to believe that it was a year ago that this precious boy was born into our family.  He is buch a blessing!  Micah is an adventurous eater; he tries anything that is set before him.  There doesn't seem to be anything he truly dislikes eating.  He still is not quite ready to set out and walk on his own.  He can do it, of course, but he still prefers to hold a hand or the furniture.  He is still a cuddly boy, too, and he likes to be held.  I don't mind holding him!
 At his 12-month appointment, we found that Micah is 29 inches tall (25th percentile), 20 lbs 9.5 ounces (20th percentile), and has a head circumference of 45.5 inches.  He is borderline anemic, so we're going to plus up his iron intake a little bit.  Both he and Levi were very well behaved at the doctor's office.  Lucky for them the weather was nice enough that we could stop at the park and go on the swings before heading home.
 We had a snowflake party for Micah's birthday.
 I saw this marshmallow idea in a magazine.  It seemed like a good idea, but threading the marshmallow onto the wires was ridiculously sticky and surprisingly messy.  After I hung them up, it was a matter of minutes before some of them began sliding down.  By the morning, there were half a dozen on the floor.  Just before the party, I squished some more onto the wires, but we still lost five more.  Silly!
 Party guests Maddie and Vivienne entertained Levi during dinner!
 Amy and Avery and Garret
 Marcus, Carmen, Stephanie, and Grandma
 Nathan, Bob, Steve, Jill, and Randy
 Bob, Steve, Ethan, Jill, Grannie, Dad, and Mother
 Nathan and the birthday boy
 A quick craft for the kiddos: cotton ball snowmen
 And a game, too: snowball toss!
 Here's the cake.
 "Can I really touch this?"
 First bite of cake.  I had to peel it off the cupcake and give it to him. 
 I guess the baseball-sized cupcake was a bit intimidating.
 Just about polished it all off.  There are a few more bites in his hands.  Happy boy!
 "I like cake!"
 He can walk a few steps, but he just needs to hold one finger to feel comfortable.
 Grannie with her darling grandson.


  1. We sure had a great time Jennifer. You are so creative and such a wonderful hostess. Yes, you are truly blessed with your sweet family. Love you all

  2. Just come to Boston and you'll have a REAL snowflake scene!