Friday, February 14, 2014

Thirteen months old

Well, Micah is already thirteen months old.  Time is sure flying!  Here are some recent pictures of him.

 We've been waiting for quite awhile for Micah to get his eighth tooth so that he can have four teeth on the bottom as well as on the top.  A few days ago it finally popped up.  Yesterday, as he was loudly complaining about me changing his diaper, I noticed something way back in his lower gums.  I stuck my finger in there to investigate and discovered a molar!  Then I felt his upper gums.  Another molar!  Then I tried the other side.  A molar on the top and another one on the bottom!  Five new teeth in one week!?!  I guess that explains some of his fussiness!
 Last week, during our visit to Grannie's place, Micah fell asleep on my shoulder.  When I set him down on the towel so he could eat his lunch, he decided to keep sleeping.
 The next day, after running errands, he fell asleep in the car.  He didn't wake up when I brought him inside, so I set him down on the floor.  I might have laid him down in the family room on the carpet, but Levi was playing in that area.  His puffy coat was enough of a pillow for the kitchen floor, right?

 Levi and Nathan stayed inside while Micah and I went out to play in the snow.
You've gotta love baby footprints!

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