Sunday, February 9, 2014

Levi's Third Birthday

He's three!!!  Our beloved Levi sure is growing up!  He LOVES Thomas and Friends, enjoys books and puzzles, and likes to run around the house, chasing Micah, Daddy, Oliver, me, or nothing at all.  Lately Levi has been doing a good job playing with his brother--much to everyone's relief.  He is still quite cautious when it comes to new things, but he learns more and more each day.  For most of a year, he has carried around his "friends," Ernie and Grover dolls and a blue fleece blanket.  They go in the stroller, in the car, and in bed, but they don't go into stores or other people's houses--we don't want to risk losing them.  We just adore our quirky three-year-old!

On the morning of February 7th, Levi woke up to find this huge poster of Thomas and Percy hanging in the dining room.  A great surprise!  Oh, and it snowed that morning, too.  Another surprise!
The birthday party was on Saturday the 8th.  It was a Thomas theme, of course!  Here is the cake.

Grandpa Garrett, Micah, Avery, and Uncle Randy

As part of the fun, we had a "photo booth" with hats and masks and other fun things.
John, Maddie, Avery, and Amy

Uncle Randy and Auntie Jill

Uncle Steve, Aunt Stephanie, Micah, and Ethan

Garret and Grandpa Gorham

Great Grannie

Great Grandma

Uncle Stephen and Uncle Steve

Uncle Kevin
Upstairs we had a big Thomas and Annie/Clarabel toy in Micah's room, the battery-powered trains in Levi's room, and a "doodle dome" (black tent where you use a light pen) in the hall.

Blowing out the candles.  Happy birthday, big guy!

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