Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

 We had a very relaxed Easter this year because Levi was still getting over a nasty stomach bug.  We had a lovely dinner at my parents' house with Bob.  Although we didn't get a good family photo (and I didn't end up in a single picture), I thought my guys looked super cute in their ties and vests!

 On Good Friday we gathered at Bob's house to decorate eggs and have an egg hunt.  It was so much fun!

 Micah is a pro at Easter egg hunts!  He pretty much did as well as his big brother.  It was CUTE!

More egg hunting at my parents'.

And another picture of His Cuteness.

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  1. Great photos of your boys. We sure missed you all at Easter this year. Maddie had to do the Easter egg hunt by herself.
    Love you all