Saturday, April 5, 2014

Micah's walking and other happy times

For the last week, Micah has been doing some serious walking!  It's about time!  He's so cute, though, the way he walks with stiff legs and a wide stance, using his arms to help him balance.
Auntie Ann and Olivia were in town during their spring break, and the boys loved playing with them!  (Not that you can tell by the looks on their faces.)

Matching yellow raincoats and happy spring daffodils.

Levi loves playing in the big box.  Micah ... not so much.
Last Saturday was Avery's first birthday party, and these sunshine glasses were party favors.
Aren't they hilarious?

 Micah isn't afraid to get both hands in the paint.  Levi prefers to use tools.
Something tells me this isn't the last time I'm going to find Levi staring at a computer.

Proof that Micah is going to be a singer.

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