Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nothing Much

The boys helped me make banana bread today.  They actually helped!  Micah loved mixing the dry ingredients and then pouring baking soda into and out of various measuring cups and spoons.  Levi knows that he can lick the beater if he helps, so he was on his best behavior.
Levi made turtles as Mother's Day gifts.
We had some hot weather this past week.  Micah really disliked walking barefoot in the grass, so he got to wear a diaper and shoes.
I couldn't convince either of them to play much in the water.  For the longest time, the closest they got was tossing little toys into the baby bumblebee pool.  Eventually, Levi started running through the sprayer, and Micah stuck his hands and face in it.
A new fun game for one or both of them: playing in the pantry, with the door either open or closed!
They get along well when they're playing in the sensory box.  Today they were using dry beans.

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