Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Baseball Game

We were invited to a Tacoma Rainier's game today.  It was a little rainy, so we didn't stay for the whole thing--actually, we arrived late and left early--but we had a good time!  The tickets were for a party deck, so the BBQ lunch was complimentary.  Micah had a hot dog and Levi had a hamburger.  Typical Levi, he ate the gigantic bun first and then eventually started munching on the tiny burger patty.  Although is was during Micah's usual naptime, he seemed to enjoy watching the game.  Levi barely noticed the game.  Thank you, Grannie and Grandpa, for inviting us!

On the way home from the game, I asked Levi if he wanted to be a baseball player.  "No!"  How about a basketball player?  "Yeah!"  What about a football player?  . . . Mumbling . . . not yes or no.  That's fine with me.  Given his Garrett-family physic, I think we're looking at basketball or football anyway.  But that's if he's not playing trumpet in the pep band!
Having fun at Cheney Stadium

Going for a stroll with Grannie

Micah was very interested in the on-site ambulance.  The medics in the cab didn't mind his inspections.

Levi's turn for a stroll.  The baseball mosaics are nice.

Ethan found Micah's weak spots for tickling.  This was ADORABLE!

Garret greeted us at the front door in this get-up.  He was ready to play Risk and take over the world by force.

Micah is so happy when he can play with handfuls of dirt.

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