Thursday, June 12, 2014

Seventeen Months Old

Micah is seventeen months old now, and he is really getting to be a lot of fun!  He is starting to try doing goofy things for attention, especially making funny sounds.  Fortunately for him, he has audience with a three-year-old who finds his antics quite humorous.  Micah follows directions well and seems pleased with himself if he can do what I ask of him.  For example, the other day I announced that we were going to go outside and play.  He immediately walked over and pulled down the tub where I keep the sunscreen so that I could spray his arms before going outside.  Smarty-pants!  I am also enjoying watching him learn to run.

 Why settle for one computer if you can look at two screens at once?

 Micah is trying to show his big brother how this potty-training thing really works!
 A darling moment when Stephanie was reading to the boys.  Ethan was checking out another of Levi's books.

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