Thursday, June 5, 2014

Northwest Trek

Yesterday I woke up ridiculously early and went for a six-mile run. I had time to shower, pack lunches, and make breakfast before waking the boys up at 8:00. Since they no longer needed to go with me on a standard mid-morning run, I decided to take them to Northwest Trek.
It was a great day for it!  It was overcast until about 1:00, so the animals were relatively active.  (Not that bison get too worked up....  But I mean, it wasn't so hot that the animals just wanted to hide and sleep.)  We spent 45 minutes walking the woodland trails between exhibits.  Then we went on the tram tour through the large, free-roaming enclosure.  Levi loved being on the tram!  He kept saying, "You like the tram!  This is fun!"  He was happy enough about the animals, but he was really excited that the wind was blowing through his hair.  (He cracks me up!)  Micah also did a really good job on the 55-minute tour, although a 45-minute trip would have been better.
After the tram tour, we had a picnic lunch.  Then we wandered through the last of the animal exhibits.  In the above shot, they were watching a pair of river otters.  Below, this beaver stopped and interacted with each boy.  He swam by a few times, then he stopped in front of one of them and bobbed his head in and out of the water several times before swimming away again.  It was so funny!
 Isn't it strange that the big boy wanted to ride in the stroller while the little boy wanted to walk?

Yesterday Micah also decided that this school bus toy is his new recliner.  For thirty minutes he would stand up, fetch a book, sit back down, read it, and repeat.  Adorable!
Micah was sitting on the edge of the train tracks reading a Thomas book by himself.  Precious!

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