Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Early Summer Fun

One Thursday, Bob treated us to play time at Pump It Up.  The boys were cautious at first, but I was able to convince Micah to try out a bouncy house.  Levi saw Micah having such a good time; eventually he couldn't stand it anymore, and he had to try it, too.  They were hooked!

One Tuesday we met Heather, Hannah, and James at Owen Beach.

Picking strawberries at Picha Farms.  Amy and the girls came over for lunch afterward.  It was so fun!

 Check out our haul!

This is one of three Junco nests in our yard this year.  If I were a bird, I would want to live in a beautiful flower basket, too!
 Levi and I went to see the "Senior Theatre" production of "Working."  My student, Doug was in the show and treated us to tickets.

Yes, Levi is wearing pajamas, scientist goggles, my tennis shoes, and Micah's pacifier.

Father's Day celebration at the Wrights' house.

Picking blueberries at Kevin's house.  The boys each picked several, but then their interest started to flag.  When I told them they could eat a few berries, they were excited.  Not only did they eat each berry they picked from then on, they emptied their buckets as well.  I made them each bring home three berries.

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