Monday, July 6, 2015

June Mystery Mondays

Week 1: The Commons mall in Federal Way
Week 2: Sprayground in Pioneer Park
Week 3: Lunch at Panera and helping Grannie clean out her classroom
Week 4: Dash Point Park
Week 5: Les Gove Park in Auburn

Playing in the children's area at the Commons

It was a hot day in downtown Puyallup.  The sprayground had just opened a couple weeks ago.  I took the boys to play in the water, but they didn't want to.  We just sat on the side and watched the other kids play.  Finally, I told them that we would go home but that first they each needed to touch the water.  Well, it turns out that was pretty fun!  So we stayed and played for another 20-25 minutes.  They got soaked while wearing their regular clothes, so before we got in the car, I changed them into their dry swim clothes.  Backwards day?

Dash Point Park has a swingset, play area, and fishing dock.  The boys didn't want to go in the water that day.

One last time playing in Grannie's classroom.

Levi didn't want to go down the slide.
 But Micah did!

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