Friday, September 18, 2015

August Mystery Mondays

Week 1: Mud Mountain Dam hike, playground, and picnic
Week 2: Main City Park, Orting
Week 3: Ballard Locks
Week 4: Paradise at Mount Rainier with Olivia
Week 5: Bounce E House

After a 1/3 mile descent, we viewed Mud Mountain Dam

Hiking back up

This blurry picture of Levi was the best I could get.
He was a speed demon hiking back to the top!

Playing with the other kids at the Orting park.

Levi and Micah loved watching the boats at the Locks!
 The fish ladder was a bit disappointing.  After seeing a hundred large salmon hanging out just below the locks--and watching a seal catch one!--there was a total of three fish in the underwater viewing area.

Since Levi really didn't want to go home, we stopped for ice cream on the way to the car.

Olivia was in town!  She joined us and Grannie for a trip to the mountain.  Our first stop was at Longmire where we hiked the Trail of Shadows (about 0.7 mile).

 A smelly spring

After a lunch stop at a picnic area, we joined the long line of parked cars at Paradise.  We were delighted to see three hilarious marmots!

At Bounce E House, Grannie and Levi spent their time sitting in the lobby.  (The owners were so kind to give us a refund because Levi never played!)
 Micah sure had fun, though!

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