Friday, September 18, 2015

Late Summer Fun

Spiderman and Superman
More costume fun with an adorable firefighter

Tuesday noon concerts in the park with Grannie
"Dancing" around the tree at another concert with Maddie and Avery

Two massive zucchini we found in the garden.  Good thing these boys are so strong!

This big guy (2.5 inches!) was hanging out on a zucchini leaf.
Part of ERC's team for Rally Round for Ultrasound.
For my second Half Marathon, my official time was 2:32:19 (a whopping 14 seconds better than last year!  Ha!)

The Cloves at the Triple Door

Micah and Paige in the police car at Olympia Children's Museum

Singers: Claire and Levi, Sound Technician: Micah, enamored audience: Grandpa
I got to spend two nights with Kristin and Leon and 6-week old Andrew!  It was SO great!

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