Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August activities

Carmen and Vivienne came over. They loved squirting water, and Micah was ecstatic to ride around the yard with Carmen.

I took Levi to see a musical.  Although we had purchased tickets at the back of the house, just before the show began, the house managers asked if we wanted to move over next to the orchestra.  Um, yes!!!  The players were impressed the Levi knew so many of the instruments.  One of the trumpeters asked Levi if he wanted to hold her horn.  I actually turned her down because I knew Levi would start blowing on it.  I suppose it would have been cool for him to press the keys, though, since Grandpa's trumpets don't have keys.

 Levi really enjoyed the show, but his favorite part was definitely the intermission snack!
We went to the Jefferson Park sprayground with the Gorhams and the Wrights.  As expected, Levi and Micah stayed dry.

It's been fun to see the cousins start to play together more.
On August 16th, I ran the Pound the Ground for Ultrasound half marathon.  My time was 2:32:31.  I had been hoping to run 2:40, so I was pleased with my performance.
Evan came for a visit!  He makes funny noises!
Twice we went to Dash Point State Park, just the three of us, to play in the water and eat lunch.  My cautious boys threw caution to the wind and marched right into Puget Sound.
 Levi was WAY out there!  Thank goodness the water was so shallow!

We tried hiking, too!  Since I had bought the State Park Discover Pass, I was determined to get our money's worth.  This day we went to Flaming Geyser State Park.  Micah adores being in the backpack, and Levi loved being able to choose our hiking path.  We probably walked 3/4 of a mile, but I think it took 45 minutes.  We all enjoyed it!

 It took me awhile to get the car packed up after our picnic, and this little goofball climbed up into the driver's seat!  What do you think you're doing, Micah?
We got to attend the ABAM company picnic at NW Trek.  Here we are before our tram ride.
In preparation for installing our new swingset, we had two yards of sand delivered.  (So cool having a dump truck come to our house!)  The boys were super excited to help Daddy move the sand into the backyard.  What a team!

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