Sunday, September 7, 2014

Puyallup Fair

We had a good time at the fair this year!  As usual, we went on the morning of opening day because there was free admission.  This year I got smart and went as early as we could.  We were fortunate to find a parking spot less than a mile away from the fairgrounds, we got to scope out the rides before they opened at 10:00, and we got to take a little more time looking at animals since the barns weren't as crowded as they are later in the day.  And since we were finished before noon, we got to save a fortune by eating lunch at home.
Here is our annual chicken shot.

Levi's very first amusement park ride: a fire truck!

It went around in circles several times, switching directions halfway through.

Mildly pleased with the experience
There's Micah way down there!

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  1. Boy do I miss the fair. I can smell those onions frying right now. Glad that Levi had his first ride. I used to love the ponies!