Wednesday, March 18, 2015

February Mystery Mondays

Week 1: Odyssey 1 (indoor play gym)
Week 2: Wiggle Works (play gym for 48 inches or shorter)
Week 3: I can't remember!
Week 4: Zoo

Ball pit at Odessey 1

Kind of like a bouncy house, but not quite so bouncy.


A moment of reflection.  It was brief.  The rest of the time he was running and jumping and squealing.  People told me they loved the sound of his laugh.  I was just glad I could tell where he was when he was laughing.  He's a quick little monkey!
A slow speed merry-go-round at Wiggle Works

The boys' favorite spot in Wiggle Works was the balloon room.  Fans kept the balloons constantly whirling around.

Another slow-speed turning/climbing thing

SOMEDAY I will convince at least one of my sons to ride on one of the HORSES on the Zoo's carousel!
This bench is fine, but it sure doesn't go up and down!

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