Monday, March 30, 2015

March Mystery Mondays

Week 1: New playground at Decoursey Park
Week 2: Seattle Children's Museum
Week 3: Triangle Park in Milton - teeter-totters and a merry-go-round!
Week 4: Riding Tacoma Link LightRail to Tully's for hot chocolate
Week 5: Lunch at Hangar Inn, overlooking Pierce County Airport

This new spider web at the playground was very enticing.  Unfortunately, Levi was a bit too timid to go very far, and poor Micah's legs were just too short for him to reach the middle section.
 Hey!  Good job, Levi!  You made it!
 Wait.  What?!?  Micah, how did you get up there?!?

This is the outdoor/hiking/mountain climbing/camping section of the Seattle Children's Museum.

Classic Gorham boys: Micah wants to be the driver, and Levi wants someone else to transport him.
 Lunch al fresco by the Seattle Center fountain.

 A couple of old-school toys at this playground!

It was rainy and rather cold for our ride on the Link.
Our first time taking the umbrellas out and about.  They were super cute but actually ridiculous.  The boys could hardly see anything, and I couldn't hold their hands (in downtown Tacoma!) because they had to hold the umbrellas.  Plus we took up most of the sidewalk and walked very slowly.  I felt bad for the other pedestrians!
Waiting for our return ride.  We also enjoyed the elevator ride in the parking garage.  It was a glass elevator, and we could see all of downtown as we rode up to the top floor.

A beautiful day for lunch at Thun Field.  Lovely view of Mt. Rainier.
We saw about a dozen small planes taking off or landing.  It was interesting watching the pilots refuel their planes.
 The yellow and white plane was taxiing right in front of us.

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